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Research and Development

Early Upgrade continually develops innovative process improvements that reduce burden and reliance on human labor and optimize consistency and efficiency for a more programmatic factory floor. 

Check out some of our innovative new processes below!

Charge Stack

Our in-house, 3D printed charging jig, designed for a range of mobile devices! 

With 1700 jigs onsite we have the capacity to charge 4000-5000 devices daily.


This innovative solution reduces labor for device charging by an estimated 90%, ensuring every device's operability has never been more efficient.

Charge Stack


Our cutting-edge camera reads Apple device IMEI numbers at lightning speed!

10X faster than humans with near-perfect accuracy, ION not only speeds up the process but provides crucial device information, including iCloud lock status.

ION is deployed across 7 stations in our facility, processing 1,000 devices weekly and ensuring that no iCloud-locked devices go unnoticed among dead products


Live Resale Pricing

Harnessing the power of real-time eBay resale pricing data with our API connection.

Introduced in August 2023, this technology enables us to make informed sorting and repair decisions, optimizing device value.

Next, we'll be integrating parts costs to refine our choices, ensuring devices are either expertly reparied ore efficiently salvaged for maximum value. 

Live Resale Pricng

The DataBot

The first and only table-top physical data destruction tool for cell-phones, laptops, tablets and smartwatches

The DataBot is a fully automated data destruction device. With a device-agnostic CNC mill, it delivers rapid and repeatable memory destruction with just an 8-second processing time. 

The DataBot outperforms convention methods by leaps and pouds, ensuring data destruction is efficient, precise and secure. 

The DataBot

How much carbon can you save recycling the Early Upgrade way?

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