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How much carbon can you save recycling the Early Upgrade way?

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"When we founded this company, our aim was to find a balance between financial success and positive impact. It turns out that prioritizing electronics reuse over destruction not only drives profitability in this space, but also reduces emissions and benefits the environment by minimizing the need for excessive remanufacturing and diverting eWaste away from landfills. This creates a triple-win: strong profitability, a positive environmental footprint and an opportunity to use our success to give back to the community."

Simon Levin, Co-Founder & CEO


Climate Action

eWaste poses a significant environmental challenge, with over 50 million tons of eWaste generated each year and roughly 80% of that waste ending up in landfills!

At Early Upgrade, we're proudly R2 certified, meaning 100% of materials sent to us are diverted from landfills. Further, through our commitment to the reuse and reintegration of products into the value stream, we're able to reduce the need for new manufacturing and its associated emissions. Finally, we choose to repurpose and resell scrap parts for downstream use, as opposed to sending it down emissions intensive pathways, like smelting. 


Production and Consumption

Maximizing product use-life and minimizing eWaste are crucial for advancing UN Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production.

Our services extend the life of electronic devices through refurbishment and reuse, helping to reduce the demand for new productS and minimize the environmental impact associated with manufacturing. Our approach promotes efficient resource utilization, reduces waste and contributes to a more sustainable, circular economy, aligning with the vision of fostering responsible consumption and production patterns for a better future. 

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A More Efficient HQ

Since 2019, we've taken steps to make our 120,000 SF headquarters in Jacksonville, FL more energy efficient, reducing costs, energy consumption and energy-use carbon emissions of our operations. These updates include:

119 tCO2e

Estimated CO2e savings by installing a new, more efficient roof

2.9 tCO2e

Estimated CO2e savings by removing inefficient skylights

300+ LEDs

installed, replacing inefficient fluorescent tube lights

Image by Masaaki Komori


Diversity At Early Upgrade

At Early Upgrade diversity isn't a metric, it's our culture.

Our identity as a diverse organization is organic, guided by the fundamental principles of goodness and fairness. Throughout their journeys at Early Upgrade, our team members have thrived--learning new languages, exploring fresh opportunities within and beyond our organization, and building community--all while being embraced and accepted.

These experiences are more than a part of us; they define our way of life.

Worker Health and Safety

We're committed to Decent Work and Economic Growth.

We're proud to provide jobs for 100 employees in the Jacksonville, FL area and committed to ensuring the health and safety of our team. That's why we're proudly OSHA 18001 Certified, exemplifying our dedication to cultivating a productive and motivated workforce while upholding our unwavering ethical commitment to worker health and safety.

Further, our commitment to prioritize employee well-being is underscored by offering unlimited free physical and mental health tele-health visits to all team members, regardless of their health insurance.

Image by Joel Muniz

Gleaner's Dispatch

Since 2016, Early Upgrade has been a steadfast supporter, contributing a total of $60,500

Gleaners Dispatch is driven by a mission to alleviate hunger among individuals with limited or insufficient incomes through the distribution of fresh foods to vulnerable families. Our commitment continues as we've pledged a monthly donation of $1500, reinforcing our dedication to a making a sustainable impact.


Spring of Life Ministries

Since 2019, Early Upgrade partnered with Spring of Life Ministries, channeling $74,500 in funding.

This initiative enabled us to contribute to the expansion of the Vozneseni Orphanage, transforming it into a safe and nurturing environment for it's young residents, as well to provide vital support by supplying fresh food ingredients for families in need during times of financial hardship. 

Image by Bernd 📷 Dittrich
Working Together For a Better Future

Embracing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals means making a commitment to you. 

By partnering with Early Upgrade, you unlock real benefits--supporting decent work and economic growth, supporting responsible consumption and circular practices, and making an environmentally conscious choice, actively participating in climate action. 

Our services can move you closer to the goal of carbon neutrality and the ambitious UN 2050 vision of achieving zero emissions and zero waste.

With Early Upgrade, your choices contribute to a sustainable future for everyone. 


How much carbon can you save recycling the Early Upgrade way?

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