Our Services:

Early Upgrade plays a wide role in the global smartphone, trade-in and logistics community.

We offer a wide range of services to capitalize on the smartphone lifecycle in both forward and reverse channels.

Through our core solutions and direct investments and partnerships in key solutions, our direct offerings include:


Wholesale Smartphone Sourcing

One of the primary functions Early Upgrade fills is a supplier of bulk smartphones. With tens of thousands of devices in stock daily across popular manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and Motorola, we drive a substantial and loyal following due to our consistent quality product, ease to work with and honest practices. You might want to consider us the wholesaler to wholesalers. Reach out directly to form a direct wholesale relationship now.


In Store Trade-In Solutions

Powered by a proprietary in-house technology platform and primary level processing of all logistics and resale functions, Early Upgrade offers a comprehensive solution for brick and mortar stores to add an additional service and revenue stream by providing device buyback for their customer base. Our customizable offering can be leveraged through both direct payments and in-house currency, and is currently rolled out in a variety of Big Box retailers & Carrier Authorized retail locations.


Online Trade-In Solutions

Early Upgrade offers both direct and third party white-label trade-in solutions. Powered by a scalable and distributable online trade-in portal, we can customize the customers user experience to meet the needs of every client - with both customizable branding and user flow. In addition, Early Upgrade holds a portfolio of marquee trade-in domains including SellYourCell.com.


Corporate Device Buyback

Unlike most corporate buyback programs running as third party providers that liquidate a variety of products - Early Upgrade is just the opposite. For all of our Corporate Buyback programs we provide an easy to use front-end system to give you an upfront estimate of what what you will receive. We provide the most competitive prices in the industry, and can offer flexible solutions - all because we will be the ones directly processing and selling your devices. And we only focus on one thing -  mobile devices. All devices are securely wiped, and if you need an R2 certified processor, we have that covered.


Reverse Logistics & 3PL

Early Upgrade has a wide footprint throughout the second life mobile market industry, and through this, has developed adaptable reverse logistics processes to reclaim devices from a single consumer to a Fortune 500 company. By mastering inventory management and processing for our in-house operations, we have evolved into an efficient third party logistics processor for a variety of programs. If you have the sales channel but need help with the logistics - we’re there. If you need both - we’re there too!



Forward Distribution

Whether you are an electronics retailer, authorized carrier store or distributor, MVNO, or mobile insurance provider - we can put high quality used or fully refurbished and kitted products on your shelves - to your specifications. From the product to the parts to the kitting, just tell us what you need and we can deliver.