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Device Refurbishment

At Early Upgrade, our dedicated, in-house team of technical and refurbishment experts are able to handle level 1 through level 3 repairs, parts triage and reclamation activities. 

Our cutting-edge hub empowers us to achieve two crucial objectives:

  1. Maximizing Value: As an ITAD Service and down-stream recycling provider, we payout the maximum value for buy-back and recycling products. 

  2. Guaranteed Functionality: We meticulously ensure that the products we re-market and distribute for re-use are fully functional, providing our forward customers with peace of mind. 

We are experts at handling damaged devices and offer bulk repair services tailored for resellers and businesses. Our range includes everything from routine fixes like screens and batteries, to a comprehensive triage process. You'll receive a detailed report outlining each device's repair needs and the associated costs. 

At Early Upgrade, our commitment to sustainability and value reclamation, means that in our hands, even non-repairable devices hold value. We'll salvage components for reuse in your other devices or resell them to reclaim value and ensure nothing goes to waste. Additionally, our well-stocked inventory of parts exclusively features OEM materials, guaranteeing top quality repairs. 


How much carbon can you save recycling the Early Upgrade way?

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