IT Asset Disposition

ITAD as a One-Stop Revenue Center 

At Early Upgrade we have two main philosophies that guide our IT Asset Disposition service offering. Firstly, we want to challenge the traditional IT Asset Disposition Landscape that largely centers around charging clients for the secure removal of their old, un-used and damaged assets, and instead turn this into a revenue center for clients. Secondly, we want to provide a one-stop solution that intakes all potential IT assets under one data secure, R2 Certified, umbrella.

Early Upgrade focuses on the re-use and re-marketing of all material first for foremost, with a second layer of value extraction built into our business model through our team of refurbishment technicians and technical parts harvesters. We are dedicated to working harder on our end, to lower expenses and increase pay-outs on your end.

Our goal is always to provide you a recovery on your assets wherever possible - and the maximum possible recover you well see in the market, at that. For unique asset classes or programs where that is not possible, to greatly reduce any cost burden versus traditional ITAD alternatives. 

Data Security & Accountability

We provide all customers a full manifest of the materials collected for their program, based on their specific needs; including full serialization and certificates of data destruction. We have in-house software solutions to clear high-value commodities such as mobility products, as well as traditional hard-drive and chip destruction.  We are dedicated to finding a custom solution for any specific concerns a customer may have.


Based on your program needs, we can dedicate a custom secure steel cage in our facility for any of your product that is still going through data sanitization, or for any high-value product that has not yet fully transferred to our possession. 

Geographic Reach

Early Upgrade is headquartered out of Jacksonville, FL in a 95,000 square foot facility, but services clients across North America, with a strong background in global reverse logistics. We will work with you to arrange a custom logistics strategy to best service your program, reduce costs, and maximize recoverable yields. For many asset classes, including all mobility product, Early Upgrade will cover all associated freight costs.

Education Sector Specialists
We cater to a diverse group of corporate and business customers from Fortune 1,000 companies to regional businesses searching for an effective solution.
We are adept at handling industries with heavy compliance regulations such as healthcare and financial services, as well as those with largely distributed asset bases.

With our origins in the mobility sector, Early Upgrade is a top solutions provider for School Districts & Universities. 

With some of our core refurbishment and re-marketing operations focused on the asset classes coming out of these organizations such as iPads, MacBooks, iMacs and Chrome books, we are highly confident we can provide you with the maximum possible return on these assets, along with the value-added services you may require such as laser etching removal of asset engravings.


We service businesses by providing an honest and reliable solution to any aspect of the mobility lifecycle and IT Asset Disposition Process.

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- High quality wholesale mobility & computing stock

- A R2 certified downstream vendor for all e-scrap and ITAD asset classes

- A data-secure IT Asset Disposition solutions provider for corporations, municipalities and school districts 

- Global re-marketing of used IT and mobility equipment

- Parts harvesting and reclamation

- Solutions to complex reverse logistic channels in the e-Scrap, ITAD & Mobility sectors

- Software solutions to power online & brick & mortar device trade-ins

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